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Selection & Processing

High quality raw materials are selected from the best regions and according to classical methods. Senior, experienced pharmaceutical workers and apothecaries take charge of herb selection and scientific identification methods are employed to ensure that only the highest grade materials are selected for processing.

The herbs are first processed according to traditional methods. Extraction techniques are designed specifically for each active ingredient according to the physical and chemical properties, composition and functions. Advanced technology and equipment, such as HPLC, IR, TLC scanners, GC, etc, analyse the product and ensure that the quality of the finished granulated product is consistent, stable, safe and effective. Because the quality is consistent and the finished product stable, concentrated granules offer a greater measure of safety and efficacy than the raw product. The granulated herbal product also meets the needs of TCM clinical differential treatment.

Processing technology raises the quality and therapeutic effect by:
  • Maximising complete extraction of the therapeutic components
  • Retaining the original flavour and properties of the herb
  • Minimising damage to the therapeutic components caused by processing.