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Multi-Composition Extraction To Retain Multi Medicinal Effects

Each Chinese herb has several actions, related to its multiple components. In TCM differential treatment, modifications are often made in the prescription. Therefore, when prescribing a formula, it is essential for the TCM differential use of herbs, that all the properties of a single herb are retained in the finished concentrated granules.

Specific Extraction Technology For Specific Herbs

There are over 300 kinds of commonly-used herbs, each with varying composition and properties. In traditional raw herb decoction, in order for the extraction rate to be optimised, all herbs are mixed together, with some herbs added earlier and others later, some herbs decocted over a mild flame and others over a strong flame. However, consideration for all the properties of each herb can not be taken into account. On the other hand, in the preparation of concentrated granules of single Chinese herbs, advanced technology is selected for each individual herb, thus increasing the extraction rate and enhancing the therapeutic effect.

Pre-Extraction Of Volatile Oils To Retain True Properties Of The Herb

In many medicinal materials, volatile oils may be the main effective component. In a mixed decoction, the volatile oil is often lost due to volatilization, oxidation and also due to its remaining in the drug residue. In the single-herb decoction, the volatile oil is first extracted then later added to the concentrated granule, thus ensuring the full extraction and utilization rate of the volatile oil.

Low-Temperature Concentration And Instant Drying

Advanced apparatus markedly reduces damage to the composition caused by prolonged heating and in the drying and granulation process, subsidiaries are not added, reducing the bulk quantity of the final product.

Safe Accurate Packaging

The airtight packaging is proof against moisture, light, mildew and moth and is clearly labeled and is re-sealable.