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Concentrated Herbal Pills

The tradition of Chinese herbal pills

Chinese herbal medicine takes several forms: decoction, powder, tincture and pills. Traditionally, pills were made from ground herbs mixed with honey or water. Honey pills are still available today and are generally quite large, with each pill being sealed in wax for protection.

Concentrated herbal pills

Today, however, the most commonly used pills rely on modern technology for processing. The herbal ingredients are decocted under a pressurized controlled temperature system, resulting in a highly concentrated extract which is then used to form small pills. These are then dried and coated with licorice juice. The concentration is approximately 2-3 times that of the traditional pills made from powdered herbs. High grade materials and processing techniques are used to produce both classic and modern patent formulas and the factories and are certified according to Australian GMP (Goods Manufacturing Process) standards.