Chinese for TCM Practitioners

Chinese for TCM Practitioners was published in January 2005. It is written by local author Robin Marchment who is herself a practitioner of Chinese medicine and wrote the text from the perspective of a westerner visiting China and needing to learn simple everyday phrases and TCM terminology. It includes an explanation of the development and structure of Chinese characters and a brief history of TCM, some proverbs and verse and a full glossary of all on-channel acupuncture points. This book leads you gently into the world of Chinese language and sets itself apart form other texts in that firstly, it is designed specifically for the TCM practitioner, and secondly, it comes with 2 user-friendly and cross-referenced audio compact discs which take you through the tones and pronunciation of standard Chinese. Disc 1 is Basic Chinese, incorporating everyday phrases and 'survival Chinese'. Disc 2 is TCM Terminology with a comprehensive list of basic terms, diagnostic terms, treatment principles herbs and 70 commonly used acupuncture points.

"An excellent tool for self-guided study"... "Opens up a whole new world of access in Chinse medicine"
Steve Clavey, The Lantern Sep 2005

Chinese for TCM Practitioners is distributed by China Books

Gynaecology Revisited: Obstetrics & Gynaecology for Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

A second book from the same author will be available in 2006.
Gynaecology Revisited is intended as a concise and comprehensive manual of the Key Points, Guiding Formulas and Acupuncture points used in the treatment of women’s complaints in Chinese medicine. The objective is to make accessible to western practitioners a Chinese-style textbook, whose crisp succinct style makes for a sharper outline of the subject matter and for clearer learning.
The text includes a detailed description of female reproductive anatomy with relevant information on congenital defects according to the modern bio-scientific model. Both the traditional Chinese medicine view of women’s physiology and the contemporary view are embraced in the one compact text. The appendix contains tables and charts useful in diagnosis and treatment, including acupuncture point selections.